Friday, March 27, 2009

u drive me crAzy

sAlAm,,this week everything is mess,,,hope later can be better, (what to do)3x,,,,,,huh,,when all this will be end??? long journey make me suffer from usuall,,,in this time i really think about my mak, ayah, and my family,,that are such bad thing happends to me,,OMG!!!,, why i should face all this,,that i too bad????? i reallly miss like crazy all wonderfull time that happend to me in this moment,,my GOD,,plaese blessing me in whatever i am,,, i'm begging YOU!!hurm,,nobody knows,,i realy want to go home without all this,,, maaaakkkkkk,,,,,,ayahhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,,

1 comment:

farah said...

jgn sedih ea fad...
dugaan itu ade hikmahnya..